Copenhagen, 6-8 th June 2018

Explore how the Nordic food scene is pioneering
in personalized and healthy food

Curated by Ignace De Nollin, SmartWithFood

Food, personalized to your goals, nutritional needs, tastes and lifestyle.
Dream or a reality?

How can technology help you to decide what to eat, how much and how frequently?
There is one certainty. Our food and eating habits are getting more personal, more transparent and in many ways more healthy.

Our journey to the inspiring Nordic food scene in Copenhage will learn us more about the future and trends in the food industry and will tackle questions like:

How will food play a key role in pro-active and preventive health care?
How to make consumers make dietary choices to prevent illnesses like obesitas and diabetes?
Will food prescription create new opportunities for health-driven food platforms?
Which technologies will become available to change our behaviour and help us to live healthier?
How a personalized nutrition company uses your DNA to tell you what to eat?
How will big data and artifical intelligence deliver health insights and influence behaviour patterns?

In a nutshell, we'll find out how innovative start-ups, leading researchers and nutrition specialist from the Nordic eco-system find new paths to healthy food?

On our journey we take an in-depth look into industry-specific trends, exploring what's next in the personalized food industry.

Lead Argonaut
Our Lead Argonaut Ignace De Nollin will inspire you on this journey with success stories, failures, pitfalls and methods to bring personalized food to the consumer. Ignace is now leading SmartWithFood, a spin-off from Colruyt Group with the ambition to enable better food choices for individual people and communities in general. SmartWithFood is exploring the potential of personalized nutrition by developing digital platforms and services for retailers and food professionals. By digitizing food data and food preferences, SmartWIthFood makes the unique match between consumers and their food selection possible and aims is to ultimately improve the well-being of people and their health in the long run.

For Whom?
This 3-day learning journey welcomes executives & entrepreneurs from the food, healthcare, retail & packaging sector, R&D managers, nutritional experts, medical doctors and marketeers who want to learn more on how personalized food will impact our healthcare and influence our eating behaviour.


On the 15th of March we will start our journey with an information meeting @SmartWithFood, with inspiring speakers from our own food scene, making the setting for our learning journey and team assignment. Register here

From Wednesday 6th until Friday 8th of June 2018, we head for Copenhagen!

The program is still "under construction" but here's a snapshot of what we have in mind:

Presentation @ Lifesum , a meal plan for every lifestyle.
Lecture of Nard Clabbers of TNO @ University of Copenhagen about personalised food.
Workshop on “new food business models” and how to apply them for your own company.
At FoodJob and Green Tech Challenge (food accelerators) we have pitches from leading start-ups in the food & health business.
Discovery of innovative food concepts and restaurants of the Nordic food scene in Copenhagen

End of June, we conclude with a reflection workshop to cluster all impressions, ideas and learning moments and translate them to in our daily practice. Exact time and place will be defined in consultation with the participants.

What's in?
- Introduction- and reflection session with workshops
- Visit, presentations and speakers during the journey
- Documentation, catering, lodging & local transport (transport to and from Copenhagen is NOT included)


€2.750* all-in.

*The learning part of the journey can be settled via the KMO-portefeuille (up to 40% subsidy on the learning part of the journey). Our registration nr. (opleiding) is DV.O226136.

If you book before 31/03/2018, you get an early bird discount of €250,-

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