Business Model Fitness

Make your business model future-proof
Antwerp, 30th August 2018 or 6th November

Rethinking existing business models

The value of business modeling as a strategic tool is often underestimated. Companies mainly focus on products & services and do not always question the way in which you create value.

Rethinking your business model is first and foremost a strategic thinking exercise. Can you continue to create value for your customers and is your business model 'fit' for the future?

-Is your business model still in line with your purpose as a company?

-How do you create value? Is your current business model still valid?

-Do you run the risk that this will change in the near future, driven by your environment or your competitors?

-What possible scenario do you worry about, and why? What alternative scenarios can you think of?

-Are there alternative products, services or value propositions possible within your company setting?

-Which developments in your environment open new opportunities or potential?

-What models / technologies from other sectors can you translate to your own business?

  • What will you learn?

The course teaches you to question your current business model and develop alternative new business models that enable you to respond to the rapid technological developments and continuously changing needs of your customer or to approach new customer groups. We look at relevant megatrends & technologies and translate these via new business models into opportunities and threats for your company.

After this interactive and energetic training you will get inspiration and tools to make your business model future-proof. You generate new business models that can drastically change your way of working: new services or products, distribution channels, technologies, markets, other target groups, ... and maybe even redefining the purpose of your company.


Timmy Baert is an expert in the development of new strategies and business models. As a former founder of Signpost, business analyst at Hedgren and a consultant at Deloitte, he really approaches it from the customer and the users' point of view. His creative and confrontational approach helps participants look beyond the boundaries of their own business model.

Xavier Speeleveld is an enthusiastic 'game stormer' and fellow facilitator. With a wealth of experience in companies such as Danone and Lotus Bakeries and as a cross-innovation expert at The Argonauts, he knows how to turn a vague business idea into a practically feasible plan. As a facilitator, Xavier helps the participants to think differently about their business.

For whom?

The Business Model Fitness course is for business managers, entrepreneurs, innovation managers, marketing managers, (online) marketers, e-commerce managers, product managers, business unit managers and other professionals. In short, for everyone who wants to create real value and purpose for customers and users in the long term.

Where and when?

30th August 2018 from 9h00 to 16h30


​6th November 2018 from 9h00 to 16h30

Sint Pietersvliet 7 - third floor

2000 Antwerp

Free parking under the building (Indigo) or in front of the building.

495 euro*

Lunch & documentation is included.
*You can finance this course with KMO-portefeuille (till 40 % subsidy for SME's from Flemish government) : Our registration number is DV.0226136. If your company is located in Brussels region, check your subsidy eligibility of 50% via​.

​More info and registration?

Register below or send your question by mail to or contact us by phone: +32 499 54 99 (Xavier) or +32 478 20 15 93 (Joost)